Let Him Speak for Me…


A few words by Shakespeare which speak more truthfully than any piece I could write at the moment…

The flaming sighs that boil within my breast
Sometime break forth; and they can well declare
The heart’s unrest, and how that it doth fare,
The pain thereof, the grief, and all the rest.
The watered eye, from whence the tears do fall,
Do feel some force or else they would be dry…

12 Comments on “Let Him Speak for Me…

  1. Ahh… Shakespeare… Whose words have resonated for so long and through so many, have so inspired the poets who long to find words of such lasting embrace. Thanks Phoebe for posting this wonderful expression of emotions. I hope your heart finds a beautiful moment in which to dwell… if only for a moments rest…

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  2. I hope you are not too sad. You are contributing so much to the world – as a sensitive doctor especially, but also from your creativity. I’m lucky enough to live not far from where the great man lived.

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