How I Wish I Were a Dog!

(by Samantha the Cat)

Oh, how I wish I were a dog!
A wonderfully peppy puppy dog.
Full of wisdom, stature, energy, true-
Full of wonder and curiosity, why, just like you!

Oh, how I wish I were a dog!
Carefree, whimsical, and happy with all.
I would run around, roll, and jump up high,
Fly in the air, fetch, oh gravity, I defy!

Oh, how I wish I were a dog!
Never without grace, my tongue hanging down.
I would grin all day, play, pant, and slobber,
Lick my human’s face? Of course, it’s no bother!

But alas, I was born to be merely a cat…
A simple, ordinary kitty cat.
But I adore my human, and she loves me,
So I guess it’s not too bad, wouldn’t you agree?

Samantha the Cat
My best impression of a dog with a tongue hanging out.

43 thoughts on “How I Wish I Were a Dog!

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  1. Great poem, Phoebe! And as a dog lover I have to agree about all the “pros” of being a dog — but as a cat lover as well, I’d say your cat (beautiful she is!) is very lucky to have her human and really wouldn’t want to exchange places with a dog! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I keep telling Samantha how I love her just as she is, but she seems determined to become a dog! My suspicion is that she may have developed a puppy crush on C-Dog…no joke!! Quite a complicated situation this has become… 😛

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      1. You’ll just have to tell Samantha that it’ll have to be a “long-distance” romance with C-Dog, LOL. But he actually like cats — in fact, besides our old dog, Millie, he lives with 4 cats. So he’s pretty comfortable with felines — and he can be as persnickety with food, too! 😉

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  2. “Lick my human’s face? Of course, it’s no bother!”

    Hmm, not too sure about that. I’ve always liked the texture of cat tongue, as weird as that sounds.

    Such a charming picture. It’s as if Samantha’s saying “Aw, shucks? Me? Nah, I could never be as cute as you, puppy!”

    She’s so fluffy…

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    1. You know…I personally have always thought that a dog’s tongue was rather slimy, don’t you think? Nevertheless…I’m a little envious! 😉

      Thank you for liking my poem! It’s my first one. I’m trying my best to emulate my human, because I want her to be proud of me!

      Have a good day! -Samantha

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