elderly womanMedical Poetry


Driven by disease
more clever than our hands,
you elude our grasp.

Come back.

fighting for the soul

courses through your veins,
while the dusk
consumes the mind
of your decay.

Do you hear me calling?

Forsaken by a beast deceiving,
your breaths remains unmarred.
Spared by fiendish mercy,
your heart beats
undisturbed beneath the curtain
of a vacant shell.

I know you hear me calling.
I know you’re still there.
Perhaps our love will bring you back.

Come back to us.

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  1. Darling is this family?

    Now behind, the curtain of darkness, eyes wide open?

    ifinn so, to hear the words of a lov one,
    as a small smile, builds upon your face…

    Slowly growing day by day?

    There is no heaven or hell, within my life, most become dark matter,
    nonetheless as you look into the mirror, with those same thoughts, and the smile builds upon your face, she has heard…

    Or possibly i am wrong and it’s just a dream, an a waste of time for two!

    Darkmatter i don’t fully understand?

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  2. I cared for my mum and was so thankful to be able to keep her at home… This is so poignant.. I look back on that period prior to her death and feel that we became closer during those years than at any other time… We were able to laugh and cry together.. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.. x

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  3. So well expressed……some of it reminds me of my Mom’s last 3 months before she passed from Alzheimers complications…..disease robs us of so much in so many ways and extends so far in its’ unforgiving reach.


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