The ‘Yoplait’ Giraffe…


…shortly before joining me in the car for a snack.

8 Comments on “The ‘Yoplait’ Giraffe…

  1. I love giraffes (and cows!)… this one likes French dairies, cool! 🙂
    * * *
    my very best, tons of inspiration and have a formidable week! cheers, Mélanie
    * * *
    P.S. our daughter-in-law is Taiwanese and her name is Phoebe(Huei-shan), too… 🙂

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    • That’s really cool! That you like giraffes and cows, and especially that your daughter-in-law is Taiwanese and named Phoebe! Wow! 😀 Wishing you the best- phoebe


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