The Find.

I search amongst the trees.
Hollow voices, rusting chimes
haunt my thoughts beneath.
Shadows bared by waters of black
reveal a conscience frayed.
Silken hope, luminous,
I depart to its embrace.

11 thoughts on “The Find.

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  1. If you have a few moments, I would love to hear your interpretation of those words.

    My thoughts were that you were writing about somebody who needed to “escape” in order to have time with themselves. Coming across the water allowed her to ponder her reflection which exposed, and highlighted, her vulnerabilities. She threw herself into the waters in despair and drowned while in the water’s embrace.

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    1. Not a bad interpretation at all. A close parallel to my thoughts. However in mine, I see a woman on the edge of uncertainty and discouragement finding respite in this glimmer of hope…a fragile but saving promise that she will be okay. With that, she leaves, but to where is unclear.


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