“My life laid before me… my treasons my troth
Wrapped with transcendence in fine sacred cloth
My breath must surrender to cold mortal brew
As wildflowers bend neath pure morning dew.

And then there were angels
Filling the sky
Lifting me upward…

And then I could fly.

These are the words of a fellow blogger and poet.
Words that affect me more than one can know.
So I would like to use this post to thank him today
for being a glimmer in the night…and an inspirer of hope.

Because in our own way, we are all physicians.

He is Steven Michael Sanders,

I am asking you to visit him, 
because his poetry will enliven you,
and his story will inspire you.

♣ The Vision of Poets – His poetry blog ♣

♣ Vision of Hope 33 – A blog of his journey ♣

With Love, 


7 thoughts on “Hope.

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  1. My dearest Phoebe…
    Since I saw this post I have been lingering in my thoughts of how I could ever express to you my deepest gratitude. What an honor it is to read your words and to know how much something that I have written means to you… That in itself is the greatest gift a writer could ever hope to receive. Thank you Phoebe…

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  2. I visited Michael….you’re right – he’s a special person on a special journey……and I wished him well on it hoping the words of a survivor might help – oh – I also gave him a HUG like you did! Hugs are miracle-workers…………….

    Love (and hugs) Pam and Sam

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