Simple Joys.


A family
I lived with in
Mahantantely, Central Madagascar

◊ A poem about one Malagasy village ◊

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    1. Yes this was a while back, and at first we stayed in touch, but since we had to do it by non-electronic means (they didn’t have electricity or internet), it became harder and harder. Where they lived, there was no mailing address…so letters had to be sent to town and then someone who knew the family had to go into the villages to deliver it. So you can imagine…

      Still…they are dear and remain in my heart and thoughts! 🙂

      Hugs and licks (the licks are from Samantha…hehe)

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      1. That’s what I figured about the mail system. You have lived a beautiful life so far, Puppy. You’ve certainly done and accomplished more than any of us in our house. Thank you for the hugs and licks. If you want, you can lick me but I might be a little dusty from rolling in the dirt. BOL! *ear licks*

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