Heed the echos of a heartache,
anguished sear of reverie.
Feel its scalp bleed down her face,
scathing tears of memories.
See the eyes that once freely smiled
fading with defeat.
As silent fields in which she lies
drift away with night’s conceit.

35 thoughts on “Melancholia.

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  1. Dear Puppy Doc, Your blog is filled with such heart warming poems and reflections of life. I think that there is this new dawn for poets, writers, photographers and artists. There is this new, awakening sense of community between writers, photographers and artists. It transcends the arena of getting into one’s car and driving to the bookstore. It has an endearing grass roots quality to it. It rises above the pretentious “art gallery opening.” It offers the golden opportunity for folks to share their writings, their photographs, their art work; without having to get the phony seal of approval from the big corporate conglomerate book publishers. It cuts through the chase and no longer are the pretentious Board of Directors of art museums deciding which artists do and do not get to display their art works. And, Puppy Doc, I thank you for being a leader in this new revolution, which you are helping to blaze the trail through with your blog site. Sincerely, Richard Mabey

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