A Search Within.

How do I know
the pill won’t seem
bitter to your tongue
through your teeth?

How do I wear
a once white coat
stained with tears
of memories?

How do I compel
my pen to write
scripts to fight
a dimming light?

How do I know
 which waters will flow
to unearth the strength
within me?

How do I persuade
a heart to let go
when it’s my hand
that sets you free?

How do I ensure
my smile won’t be
one of the last
that you’ll see?

How do I force
my ears to hear
a song I fear
of dusk so near?

How do I know
which waters will come
to enshroud the doubts
within me?

92 thoughts on “A Search Within.

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  1. How do you know,
    You have it all
    Your hearts your safe
    It is only you who holds the key
    It could be your salvation
    Its only you who knows
    When to unlock it
    When to reveal
    Your open heart
    To let him know
    You know too
    Then you have to lock it

    to be countinued

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  2. Beautifully done Phoebe! Love the medical metaphors and your YouTube video knocked my socks off! I could see and feel the emotion. I am LOVING all the spoken word poetry popping up around WordPress. Rob & Phoebe: is there a virtual Poetry Slam in our future?

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          1. my laptop…..can you get on my lap or on top….sorry, couldn’t resist saying it, love ya. And yes, it is pretty cool this laptop, although I still don’t know how to put question marks and other punctuations, I need a step by step study book for this, I am a Neanderthal

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  3. Doc, you just have to take off that white coat and walk through all those moments, both bitter and sweet. Let the bitter go, but hold onto the sweet…, as it seems you do for and about others. You need to do it for you too. Hugs ! 🙂

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