A Letter to Grandma.

Fragments of moons past
sketch silhouettes of
a scenery divine.

A daytime reverie.
Fond memory.
A granddaughter missing you.

Do you recall, grandma?
Long ago, a grandbaby born
into an era of bitter lack,
that enriched by your presence,
comforting embrace,
renewed to an age of precious worth?

Do you suffer, grandma?
Parted by spanning seas,
my tears diffuse beneath the rain.
Had I a wish and a dove I became,
my wings would span,
sealing the distance between us.

Do you remember me, grandma?
Though the crook of time
has stolen your sight,
stripped your mind,
blunted your strength,
with a heavy heart
I still see you as before-

with beauty so simple,
love so pure
to inspire
a nightingale’s lament.

So fear not the season’s change, grandma,
nor the graying sun,
the silvering stream-
as at the end of the road
will glisten a rainbow,
and the mists of tomorrow
will clear away your fog.

And then I will again be your grandbaby.


146 thoughts on “A Letter to Grandma.

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  1. My Grossie (grandma) and I shared a soul. We laughed a lot when we were together. She understood me in a way that no one else did. She taught me to be an amazing grandmother and now I get to pass her love on to my own granddaughters. She is still with me, sharing our soul. Even though I cannot hear her voice any longer, I can still feel her here with me. Thank you for your beautiful words.

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  2. Grandfather passed away last week. I’ve tried to write it out, but I can’t capture that amazing man into words. Ive read this countless times over the past week and just cried. Thank you, because without your poem Id have gone nuts. This man raised me, he was a father to me. You may not have intended this, but something you wrote had a profound impact on this chapter of my life.

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