Life & Love

A Letter to Grandma.

Fragments of moons past
sketch silhouettes of
a scenery divine.

A daytime reverie.
Fond memory.
A granddaughter missing you.

Do you recall, grandma?
Long ago, a grandbaby born
into an era of bitter lack,
that enriched by your presence,
comforting embrace,
renewed to an age of precious worth?

Do you suffer, grandma?
Parted by spanning seas,
my tears diffuse beneath the rain.
Had I a wish and a dove I became,
my wings would span,
sealing the distance between us.

Do you remember me, grandma?
Though the crook of time
has stolen your sight,
stripped your mind,
blunted your strength,
with a heavy heart
I still see you as before-

with beauty so simple,
love so pure
to inspire
a nightingale’s lament.

So fear not the season’s change, grandma,
nor the graying sun,
the silvering stream-
as at the end of the road
will glisten a rainbow,
and the mists of tomorrow
will clear away your fog.

And then I will again be your grandbaby.



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  1. Dear Dr. Phoebe, I believe, with great conviction, that the good Lord destined you to be a Healer. I believe that there are Doctors and there are Healers. And, I am convinced you are a Healer. In my book, a Healer is the highest pinnacle of being a Doctor. For, truly, not all Doctors are Healers. It is very subtle.

    Even in your writings, there is this cosmic flow of the touch of gentle healing. Your essence, your truth, reaches beyond any concept that living beings are just a complex of chemical reactions, living on this big rock totally by chance. For in my dealings with doctors, in pursuit of my own healing, my Dad’s fight with cancer, and my Mom’s seven brain surgeries; I am totally amazed at how many Doctors do NOT believe in a Divine One.

    Your writings have touched my heart. I thank you for taking the time to write them. I thank you for sharing them with us.

    Most Sincerely, one of your many fans, Richard Mabey Jr.

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