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Have you been wondering about anything?

Perhaps you have read something health-related on the internet but are not sure of its accuracy and would like the opinion of an impartial doctor…

Perhaps you just have a general question about how to improve your health…

I have noticed that many people have unanswered questions when it comes to health-related issues. Therefore, if you think I can help, I encourage you to ask them (of course this is not to replace your personal doctor’s advice, but just to offer you another source of information).

You are welcome to leave your question in the comment section or submit it to me directly. 

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 *Remember, any information provided through this blog is solely for educational purposes and is not intended to be used in place of medical advice. Always consult your trusted health care provider before starting or changing any medications/supplements, diet, and exercise regimens.  


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    • Thanks for your question.

      I assume you are referring to an inguinal hernia (near the groin)?

      While there is not a way to “treat” a hernia without actual surgery, depending on how bad yours is, you can take measures to both prevent it from getting worse as well as relieve the discomfort it causes.

      If you haven’t yet, I would recommend looking into a good hernia belt/truss or support brace. There are many out there, and how well they work depends a lot on personal preferences as well as the fit. To give you a place to start, here are two kinds that people tend to like:

      Aside from that, as one of the things that can make hernias worse is straining, I would recommend eating a lot of fiber or taking a daily non-stimulating laxative (like colace) to prevent constipation. Wear loose fitting clothing that does not put pressure on your abdomen. There are some herbal supplements out there that claim to treat hernias, but none of them have been proven to work.

      Unfortunately, these measure can only prevent hernias from worsening (not reverse it), and most hernias will eventually need surgical repair down the road. In the meantime, though, these measure can provide comfort so you can live your life.

      Hope this helps!


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