Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet [closed]

Dear friends–it’s Meet & Greet time again!

Last month, because so many of you wonderful bloggers visited, I went ahead and collected your links and included them in this post, along with a couple of choice words from your comments describing your blog. I hope this will help jumpstart the day by making it easier for you all to start browsing and to visit your fellow bloggers (They are in no particular order…and they are all uniquely enjoyable!).

But since one sentence can hardly encompass the awesomeness of you all…feel free to comment again and to leave a link to your site or favorite post. And for anyone who missed the last gathering…be sure not to leave without saying hi!

What to Do:
Leave a few words about anything you want.
Leave your link.
Share or re-blog this post if you think others will be interested.
♥ Take some time to browse through this post to check out some blogs and to support each other.
Come back as often as you’d like! Feel free to leave your link again when you do.

You guys are great!

With love,

💙      💙      💙

“I am the poetic expression of a Sailor’s alter ego!”

“I’m a Lifestyle blogger. Buddhism Beginner. Skincare Lover. Follow my journey to an organic and cruelty free life!”

“My Blog is about the journey of life!”

“A blog with my musings and poetry!”

“I share case presentations for medical students!”

PapaBear’s Super Blog!

An amazing blogging angel feline named Sammy and her lovely human Pam!

“My name is Katharyne. I write poetry, stories, reflections.”

“I am the wayward butler!!!”

Colin and his awesome canine buddy Ray!

Pranabaxom’s beautiful poetry:

“I’m Oldepunk, I write free verse and poetry.”

“My blog is eclectic (essays, short fiction, poetry, the Daily Song.)”

“I blog about life and love, poetry and prose – daily musings on each of these, and more in between.”

Heartafire’s lovely blog:

“I am a med student from Florida but I also love writing and poetry!”

“My blog is about stories, motivation, real estate, tips, and more!”

The lovely Madelyn Griffith-Haynie and her canine buddy Tink!

“I write about stuff. Sometimes I post a picture. Sometimes I use full sentences.” 😉

“I’m a poetry blogger!”

“I post a lot of photos about my travels and I also share my journey of life through poems, writing, and photos.”

Richwrapper’s Haiku and so much MORE:

“You might get hit by a bus….or you might get cancer. I have not nor have I ever been hit by a bus, but I am living with metastatic breast cancer, a husband, a cat, a stepson, another stepson, a blog, a vintage and antique business and 51.5 years of life behind and hopefully many more to come.”

“I am a graphic designer.”

“I have a fashion blog!”

“I write prose and verse, tales and more, wherever the words/my imagination takes me!”

Lucinda’s lovely blog:

“My main focus is about the father of one of grandsons who has been in prison for 11 years.”

“I am Aweni. I write poetry, prose and short stories.”

“My name is Jyotee. We are looking for regular contributors for our magazine!”

“I write about forgiveness…. mostly about my own personal experiences with forgiveness & also using a simple three-step process to forgive.”

“My site is called The Bag Lady, a humorous take on having bladder cancer and a urostomy, an attached bag on the abdomen. I started writing here to bring help and humor to others in my situation.”

“I’m just a guy in Wyoming living life. I enjoy writing and photography and share both!”

“I write about music, photography, literature, life. This year I’ve also added some poetry!”

“I’m Wordswooer!”

“I like doing crafts, am in direct sales and also retail, and blog about all of this and more!”

“I share my poetic efforts about whatever is there at that moment!”

“I write poetry with a focus on compassion, love, nature, and the Creator.”

“I post about a variety of things, depending on how I’m feeling or if a random idea pops into my head!”

“My name is Tim Dreby. I blog to promote my memoir on surviving a diagnosis of Schizophrenia. My blog also has stories about mental health and poetry.”

“Mine is a blog with positive quotations as well as uplifting videos and articles about life ranging from positive thinking, to healthy living to gluten free recipes.”

“I write Christian book reviews, Children’s book reviews, devotionals, and practical theology.”

Chris Jenson’s cool poetry blog:

“I’m a Buddhist poet and writer offering a somewhat unconventional look at the world!”

“I’m David and I blog about fitness!”

“My blog is a collection of Buddhist stories, similes, and quotes.”

Inkdrop’s blog:

“My blog is about stories of people and events in my life…a slice of life!”

“I’m mostly a mommy blogger- just trying to make my way and stay fly in the SAHM realm.”

“I blog about my reflections on Life, Humans, world and all the little things that prick my reflective sense!”

“Here at the clubhouse, we’re all about Family, Inspiration, & Fun!”

JL Hunt’s blog:

Inspirational Poetry Blog:

“I like to blog about philosophy, psychology, and meditation.”

“I blog about my reflections on Life, Humans, world and all the little things that prick my reflective sense.”

“My main intention is to make people smile, but at the same time I also leave them feeling inspired!”

“I write all kinds of things, including poetry, and fan fiction.”

“My site is all poetry – every piece a story.”

“My blog is BrewNSpew, and I write about Whimsical & Capricious Chatter.”

Jyotirmoy Sarkar’s blog:

“My blog is about advice, challenges, poetry and prose.”

Photobyjohnbo’s travel and photography blog:

Louis, the visual blogger:

Artisticeden’s fantastic blog:

“My name is Kathy and I host an inspirational blog.”

“I’m Kate. I do mostly poetry and photography!”

“I’ve recently moved to Namibia and I’ve been sharing my travel and explorations.”

“I’m Daisy and I write about anything that captures my mind!”

“I write on a variety of subjects, including science, language, math, history, etc.”

“I have a cat and a dog blog, and I feature product reviews, cute photos, book reviews, and more!!!!” & 

“For anyone seeking a dose of humor, please stop on by my blog, Comically Quirky!”

“I am a writer, blogger, a justice fighter, lover of a universe diverse.”

“I write and share my thoughts, poetry and photographs.”

“I’m a bit of an all-over-the-place blogger…my background is from anthropology, psychology, business, and most recently social media marketing.”

“I am a poet and writer and a retired attorney!”

“If you enjoy easy to read poetry and some wonderful photos, come and visit my blog!”

“I share poetry!”

“My blog is a mixed bag of ideas, poetry, and random thoughts!”

“Drawings, poetry and thoughts!”

“Adjusting to life’s changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary.”

“I chronicle and curate the silly, sacred and serious things in my life.”

“I write whatever finds its way out of my head…poetry, children’s stories, short fiction, bits on history, thoughts, free verse, and anything else that pops out.”

“My blog has photographs to inspire poetry, artwork to inspire poetry, poetry topic ideas and much more!”

“A blog with nature photography, poetry, nature essays and paintings!”

“A personal blog with Pondering, Random Thoughts, Poetry, Fiction and even some work stuff!”

“Bad poetry, personal meanderings, weird fiction, strong opinions.”

Susanne’s lovely blog:

A lovely blog with Christian poems and prayers:

“My blog is as eclectic and eccentric as I am!”

“My blog is about my portrait art!”

A lovely photography blog:

“True stories about Gizmo, my naughty kitty!”

Okoto Enigma’s blog:

💙      💙      💙

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