Curtains raised
upon this stage
lifted shadows
one new day.
Encores played
familiar piece
kindred players
different key.
Life’s gavotte
a gleeful tune
every third beat
ends all too soon.

So what is left
now but to live
moments to take
and those to give.
To learn to love
and risk to lose
each turn a jewel
the heart will prove.
So let us grow
as rhythms flow
this one new day
for us to know.


41 Comments on “Symphony.

  1. Aha! I believe I have found (A) secret. You prescribe between lines, behind stanzas and thus deign to shorten the lines awaiting your less-tender mercies behind a white coat. Such a lovely work so full of you. Thanks. I will go now to beat the grin back into place below my nose, above my chin.

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  2. Lovely prose. It represents life to me. I also see what you do every day tending to patients. The imagery, transparency, and emotion rivet me.

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