within counterfeit fibers
of a petrified forest
are your sorrows
weighed with silt,
swallowed by shadows
of its own valley,
silenced beneath
the porcelain surface
of a visage pristine.

Banish them.
Let your tears cathartic
these cheeks of mine.
Scour them with scars
of an ancient past
of an ache relived.
Let me bear the dusk
until from the womb,
emerged pure as
the morning dew,
is a love renewed.

84 thoughts on “Restored.

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  2. Phoebe – you also pop up as liking things I’ve published, and I must apologize, this is truly the first time I’ve gone browsing through your site.

    I get the distinct impression that I had unintentionally bypassed a wonderful opportunity to witness profoundly creative, poignant, and devastatingly enticing wordplay in action. I believe I’ll be getting lost in the tunnels here for some time.

    I actually reblogged this post in particular if that’s okay with you..

    Your site is beautifully done by the way. Aesthetically, functionally, and everything. It could be the sleep deprivation talking, but this all makes me very happy to know there’s people like you out there.

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  3. Reblogged this on Melting Neurons to Ink and commented:
    Regrettably despite her active participation on my blog, have not delved in the wonderful mind of the PuppyDoc. Words have a certain sensation bordering on synesthesia when their magic is unlocked. This is just a sampling from a remarkably prolific and talented writer. Enjoy.


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