into the haven
of a mausoleum
lies a dove deceived-
its tattered pinions
a reminder of
a pledge riven,
a reverie tainted,

an innocence

Save her.
Let the shadows
of her present
console with
saccharine lies,
warm her with
tinned caresses
of boughs
freshly severed-
a revival of 
splintered promises 
of a new day–
as verdant hues
decay to dust.

59 thoughts on “Departure.

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  1. Dear Phoebe,
    I hope you are doing great. It’s been a long time since your last post! Want to inform you that I have nominated you for the lovely blog award😉
    Hope you post something soon. Take care…x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the saccharine lies – a line used in several places of a story I wrote pre-marriage about dating. THERE is one very morose jungian synchronicity example for you 😘


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