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Let’s Support One Another 💙

Thank you all for a great Labor Day Meet-and-Greet! Just to recap and to give the later participants a chance to get some love as well, here is a summary of all the blogs in reverse order. Please help me in supporting these wonderful bloggers by visiting and taking a moment to look around (and following if you feel so inclined)!



The Cultural Misfit
“A cultural misfit Jesus lover and am blessed to be a wife, mom, and missionary serving with my husband in Africa since 1987.”

M.A.N. (Middle Aged Numbskull)
“It’s a personal journal that I share publicly, partly because I hope that my story helps someone and mostly because it helps me sort through my thoughts. The blog began when my marriage began to fail and has continued past my divorce. There is nothing eloquent about the way I write. The blog may evolve to a more practical, focused theme some day.”

Books of Brian
“Most of my content is devoted to reviews of science fiction and fantasy but I also read and write about the history and current affairs books I’ve read. I also throw in some movie / tv reviews and a little bit of original content.”

The Vision of Poets
“The Poetic Stories of Michael33”

Dakota’s Den
“A blog about my Shetland Sheepdog and we feature all sorts of information from product reviews to book reviews, etc.”

The Soans Times
“A Macro view on Epilepsy, Writing and Cricket.”

Malaikah’s Blog
“I write about things that interest me, my life as a whole and my thoughts on various things. I will be starting medical school in September and hope to blog a lot about pursuing a career I’m super passionate about.”

Gigi’s Blog
“I put it all out there on my blog – my recovery from alcoholism, my parenting a toddler at 43, my attempt to get pregnant one more time at 43, my keto diet, my impending grandmotherhood, etc.”

Dorothy’s Blog
“I write about life in the process of becoming all God designed me to be, a little poetry and whatever else I’m inspired to write about.”

The I-Word
“my blog is mainly about me trying to actually write and all the things I experience because of this. It also helps me process these experiences. But I might post some of my writing too.”

Emzelf’s writing blog
“a blog for my stories, poetry, favorite music, and clone wars fanfiction”

SoulSpirit’s Poetry Blog

Fleeting Muse
“Poetry inspired by ethereal feelings, life events and personal philosophy.”

Artra Tierrah’s Blog
“I write about life and my transition from military to civilian life.”

Miraculous Smile
“Miraculous Smile is my outlet for my many thoughts. I discuss my recent move from the States to Romania, Multiple Sclerosis, art, recipes and more!”

Ma’vies’ way through life
“A collection of poetry ranging from topics on love to life itself and everyday encounters”

You Made Me Do This
“I started this blog to be more open with myself and free myself from fears. I write poetry and of thoughts that keep me up at night”

I Can and I Will: Truth of Life
“Just for passion and knowledge.”

“My own short stories and visions about books.”

Harmony Books & Films
“An entertaining and once in a while thought provoking weekly blog.”

Frangipani tropical lady sipping jasmine tea
“My blog is about a temporary journey: all about an American lady exploring the process of arranged marriage as per Indian traditions.”

A Dog’s Life (Stories of me and him)
“My Blog (link below) was created as a result of being adopted by 80lbs of GSD/Rotti in 2013. I knew nothing about dogs and so had a huge learning curve I really don’t like poetry, but expanded the Blog to include some personal poetry. Life has many challenges, and so the Blog was further expanded to include some thoughts on life!”

Tony Burgess’ Blog
“My blog is about the serious, sacred and other stuff in my life.”

Wordboy’s Words
“A blog about writing”

Luca Goaten’s Poetry Blog
“poetry exploring love, identity, and masculinity”

Cats and Trails and Garden Tales
“I’m Susanne and I write about my two cats Tiger and Benji, the Pacific NW where I live, and anything else that moves me!”

Darrin Dugger’s Blog
“It contains poems short stories as well as other sources of media to engage my viewers and followers as I work on my novel.”

A Pause for Nature
“I talk and write about nature and life”

“A medical student trying to swim through medical school”

An Old Writer and His Words
“I am a Buddhist poet and writer, my blog includes musing on life, nature, Koans and anything else that wanders through my mind.”

“I tell stories, write poems, and share words of hope, comfort and encouragement to the hurting and depressed.”

My Inspired Fibro Life
“I blog about life with fibromyalgia and other things that inspire me to life my best life.”

Two Spoiled Cats
“I’m Pam – retired many years ago – living “the life” with husband and our 20 lb. ginger tabby named Teddy. My blog is really my cat’s blog – yes he blogs….we are in the pet blogging world which is huge and fun. The blog is a little crazy, and a lot of fun.”

My 2nd Heartbeat
“My blog is in honor of the man that saved my life by donating his heart to me, and also in honor of the loving Dr’s and nurses that cared for me then and still watch over me now. It is the life and times of a Heart Transplant Recipient ….. I post a daily quote …… and at times, thoughts on this thing called life.”

Night Owl Poetry
“Musings on life, love and nature”

Thoughts, Musings, and Stuff
“It’s about a little of everything – poetry, movie reviews, mental health…whatever’s on my mind.”

Ancient Skies
“I write poetry and a touch of fiction…nature, love, light, and hope are just a few of the topics I write about.”

Alix The Camel
“Thoughts on life, love and living from Upstate NY. I’ve traveled the world, been places only the most wretched go, and survived. This post was one of the more introspective.”

“Health and wellness and weightloss tips. My first book promotion!”

Roaming Urban Gypsy
“I am a recent retiree and lady of leisure. This is my photography blog.”

KB the writer
“A writer by profession but relatively new to the blogging landscape. I write movie review, articles on travel, mental health, perspective and inner reflection.”

Aspi Blog: A Blog by an Autistic Person
“Here are links to my post about the journey to St Ives and to a page that provides links to all my posts about that stay in Cornwall…”

Companion’s Cafe
“Thoughts about life.”


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