Meet & Greet

I Want to Follow You [on Twitter]!

Happy Sunday, friends!

I was sad to realize recently that I am not connected to a lot of WordPress folks on Twitter. So in order to find you all easily and to also encourage the mutual supporting of each other on social media, I wanted to go about this process in a classic Meet & Greet style by having you promote your account on my blog.

What this means is that you simply…

  1. Leave a comment with a direct link to your Twitter account or your Twitter handle
  2. Take a second to support each other by following your fellow bloggers

That’s it!

I look forward to discovering and following all of you!


Phoebe πŸ’™


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  1. Hi Phoebe I have had a Twitter account for over 10 years. But drifted away years ago not really understanding how to make it work. I have also had a blog, WP for several years as well . The reason I am sharing my bit of history is to illustrate a point. Your post has confirmed to me that has been my frustration for some time now.

    It’s been difficult for me to blog . At first it was just writer’s block and I would get over it. I tried just to keep writing. Which made things worse, as I felt animated just throwing out words out of my head and not my heart.

    Totally goes against what I am all about. I have spent months soul searching. What do I want out of this. Writing is my passion, which means I came to some conclusions. I see that I am out of touch. I have gotten away from my core ideologies.

    I must write from the heart. It’s more than just words on the page. It’s a piece of me. Second and just as important. Ones that follow me have names not numbers. I have gotten away from what I purposed to do with each new follow . If nothing else I would greet them welcome them and open a channel for dialogue So yesterday I started going back through all my follows. I want to see who is still there and become reaquainted. I know the system measures success by the number of follows and number of likes. But it doesn’t do it for me. I would rather touch one person with my words. Then have a hundred follows or hundreds of likes. I can only reflect me and my life. I have only a hand full of what I call friends. And they are dear to me. And yes in time many have come and gone that I was aquatinted with.

    Just today I looked back into my Twitter account. The last time I’d been in there was 2012. So I think I’ve got some catching up to do.

    Anyway I know I have come a long way around to Thanking You for sharing that post and confirming to me that I may be pointed in the right direction.

    Have a great day!!!


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