Let Us Shine Today


“If I were a sunbeam,
I know what I’d do;
I would seek white lilies,
Roaming woodlands through.
I would steal among them,
Softest light I’d shed,
Until every lily
Raised its drooping head.”

Alice Cary


Let us all shine a little upon others today.Β πŸ’™


18 thoughts on “Let Us Shine Today

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  1. I do try to brighten others’ day…..part of my “method” is always smiling when I’m out and about – I love how it catches people off guard and they find themselves smiling in return. Spreading sunshine – it’s fun and makes ME feel good while hopefully doing the same for others. You always brighten our days with your blog Phoebe…..always.

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

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