Pendants for a Cause

A Creative Update

A big thank you to those of you who have so kindly supported Pendants for a Cause through ordering, liking our Facebook page, or providing simple words of encouragement. It all makes a difference!

Yesterday, I was excited to make my first matching pendant-with-earrings set! The silver version is currently available in the Pendants for a Cause shop.



Even if you don’t like earrings, please do come by our Etsy shop to check out our new pendant additions to see if anything intrigues you (and to use the coupon code “PENDANTS20” if you do)!

With love, 
Phoebe 💙



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  1. Beautiful! I miss making jewelry … but as a fellow jewelry-maker, I just want to say you are so talented! I think I have said this elsewhere (my apologies; steroid brain!), but I love the name of your blog; it’s so beautiful as well!

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