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Dear Friends,

Happy 2020! Over the next few days, I again open up for another Meet & Greet. This is a time for you all to come together to share your blogs and favorite posts, make new connections, and broaden your blog audiences.

The guidelines, like always, are simple…

– To Promote Your Post/Blog –

 Step 1Select a blog post that you would like to share with others.

◊ Step 2: Tell us a little bit about your post and copy and paste the link to it.

◊ Step 3: Show support to one another through visiting other’s blogs and likingcommenting, and/or following.

◊ Step 4: Bookmark this post and revisit as many times as you would like to explore new arrivals. We often get bloggers who join in even after the event is over, so there are always new blogs to explore.

On these Meet & Greet days, I turn off comment moderation so as to allow you all to easily communicate with each other. So let’s spread some love and make this a great Meet & Greet weekend!


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  1. Hi y’all! I am new to blogging so I am reading lots of blogs and working on learning how this all works.
    I have posted a few blogs on my site and I’d like to share one that my daughter said was her favorite. I tend to write like I talk but on most of my blogs, I try to make it more “professional” I guess, but this particular day, I wrote as I talk. It’s the one called “Fibromyalgia”. The link is
    I hope that you find enjoyment in my writing as you are reading through my blogs.
    Thank you to Phoebe for allowing us all to share. God Bless!


  2. Hello Everyone,

    I would first like to thanks Phoebe, to give an open platform to share our best piece of content. A Great way to interact with other bloggers friends.

    I would like to share my latest post – ” 11 TIPS FOR CHOOSING RIGHT OFFICE SPACE FOR BUSINESS”


    After, go through dozens of blog post, I had Curated this 11 Tips to help a start-up or new business to find a right office space.

    As it’s said – Choosing a right office space for any business can make or break a it.

    Thanks for your anticipated support.

    Warm Regards,


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