Keeping the Faith

By Pam Kimmell | Featured Blogger

The road that we each travel
Is full of twists and turns
There are detours and temptations
Lessons each of us must learn.

If life was always perfect
And we never faced the bad
We’d have no real reflection
Of the happy times we’ve had.

Adversity brings the challenge
Of working towards new goals
Finding new solutions
Is balm for weary souls.

God never gives us more to handle
Than he knows we can take on
Remember following the darkest times
God provides a bright new dawn.

Author Bio

PhoebeMD Poetry Blog Guest Post Pam Kimmell

Pam Kimmell is a blogger at Two Spoiled Cats, a wonderfully uplifting blog written from the perspective of both Pam and her feline companion, Teddy. She and her family currently live in “horse country” in Northern Virginia where she enjoys retirement after working in both the U.S. Army and Hospital Administration. A long-time artist, Pam writes poetry and short stories and has published several books throughout the years. Despite an eventual illness, Pam has never ‘lost her mojo;’ she continues blogging to this day, alongside her lovable feline, Teddy.

Pam’s Blog:

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