Dreams of a Better Tomorrow

By Felix Odhiambo | Featured Contributor

I have dreams of a better tomorrow.

that we will hold hands
and dance with our feet.

We have won.

that we will rejoice again and again
after the hollow we have had in our hearts.
that the days we used to have
will come back.
And the sky will wash away our pains,
the stars will show us the way,

I am the dreamer,
but you and I form the dreams
I have seen tomorrow
with my eyes closed
I have felt it
with my heart beating
And now I have spoken
of my silent dreams,

That a day is yet to come,
we will no longer stay at home
We will hug our neighbors
and kiss our loved ones
We will no longer preach
of washing our hands with sanitizers
And not touching
our beautiful faces,

Life will give us a chance
to make merry like we used to
We will form crowds
and praise the living God
Every night I walk
on better dreams of tomorrow
And they are not
just faded dreams
A time is yet to come,
we will sing songs of Zion,

We have won.

And COVID will remain to be history.

Author Bio

PhoebeMD Poetry Blog Felix Covid Poem

Felix Odhiambo is a journalism student, writer, and blogger at Constellations. He is a Christian and a firm believer in the mantra “all’s well that ends well” and in a world where everything is possible.


Felix’s Blog: PoeticFelix.home.blog

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8 thoughts on “Dreams of a Better Tomorrow

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  1. Beautifully said. I believe it is the dream of us all to see come to pass, where we can put aside our grievances, those things that divide us and embrace our uniqueness. created in the likeness of God We don’t always know or understand God’s purpose or plan in all that happens, but knowing He is in control and still rules the universe is comforting enough to me. 🙂

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  2. This is a great dream!! One day we will be okay!!! I have been struggling to see when this will end but I guess all we need is hope!!

    Liked by 2 people

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