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freedom to care Cliff Eshom

Freedom To Care [a poem]

By Cliff Eshom | Featured Contributor Can blessings of life truly be free?Sunshine, flowers, the shade of a tree.Finding true love, is one of the keys.Listening to ads, they’re only a tease,tempting your flesh falsely to pleasea portrait of life, seek only of ease.

ode to the tree poem cliff eshom

Ode to the Tree [a poem]

By Cliff Eshom | Featured Contributor So proud and complete the magnificent tree,with dauntless resolve to remain truly free.Directed, strengthened, creations sure dye,reaching and spreading to mature in the sky. Like thoughtful mankind, you search for pure light,bound to the earth, your leaves take to flight.Majestic, serene… though ever unseeing,over […]

Cliff Eshom Raindrops poem

Raindrops [a poem]

By Cliff Eshom | Featured Contributor Falling on my roof, a very old friend I listen in a warm bed, comforted A steady patter reassuring to me life will continue no matter what else, serving all needs its faithful endeavor nurturing, refreshing, renewal forever.