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A Breathtaking Fire Burning [a poem]

By Prabhu S. | Featured Contributor

A breathtaking fire burning
Amidst a universe of darkness;

Yet conquers all the hatred
Fueled by true sadness.

A beautiful river flowing,
Amidst a desert of depression.
Yet conquers the heart,
Immortal of repression.

A bellowing fireplace
Amidst a blizzard of cold.
Yet conquers all cruelty,
Lets goodness unfold.

An angel of God
Amidst Devils of hell;
Bolsters the love within;
As wickedness is quelled.

About the Poet - Prabhu S.
About the Poet – Prabhu S.

Hey all! I am Prabhu S, writing using the name “The Forgers of Fantasy.” I am a fifteen-year-old poet, aspiring instrumentalist, science freak, sports enthusiast, and blogger at The Forgers of Fantasy. So if you feel like it, do come by and pay a visit! Perhaps you may like some of my works. 🙂

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