Encouraging Words

A Jewel Within

A pearl is a beautiful thing
that is produced by an injured life.

It is the tear that results
from the injury of the oyster.

The treasure of our being in this world
is also produced by an injured life.

If we had not been wounded,
if we had not been injured,
…then we will not produce the pearl.

-Stephan Hoeller

May this echo within our being through the uncertain days.
Wishing everyone a safe and tranquil week.


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  1. This poem tells us about the sweet pain of life. We have to go through the worst days to win best ones!

    Mankind is suffering on the whole, but, it’s also empowering to see everybody divided by different boundaries coming together as a unified force to revert things back to normal. Let’s keep fighting and outbraving the hardships!

    Stay safe and stay blessed☺

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