Life & Love

A Love Unknown.

Flames softening a heart of stone
fading away each zealous stream.
A spirit dulled through nights of black
blossoms stars from a faerie dream.
A soul once dampened by frigid tears
warmed by a love now found.
Mangled wings bound by the sun
now airily flitter upon the clouds.

Drifting through the sands of time,
celestial burning suffuse the night.
The sweetness of the morning dew
caress my heart with wondrous light.
Your grace, beauty, and wisdom great
have seized my heart in awe unbound,
The earth, now below us, faint-
how sublime it is, this love we’ve found.

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  1. I had to come back and check this one out again. I really love these two lines,

    “The sweetness of the morning dew
    caress my heart with wondrous light.”

    Absolutely incredible! Thanks again. I’ll read you later.

  2. Hello Phoebe-PuppyDoc! I am really enjoying my time on your blog. To say your writing and artwork is powerful is an understatement. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  3. So beautifully written and a really heartfelt poem, Lovely painting too. You’ve got an interesting blog here and I will visit again! Nice to meet you. 🙂 Kind regards, Iris.

  4. Thanks again dear Phoebe… I can see your heart through this poem and plan to read more! Happy Thanksgiving week, Peace Jeane

    oh yes..the painting is gorgeous!

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