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A Note From Above

By Navnidhi Vyas | Featured Contributor

I was enjoying life
with a secure future,
when suddenly
a dense darkness

came from nowhere,
turned everything
upside down,

and left me
with a lifeless life,
a future with a question mark.

Forced me to write a letter
to the creator of all
with an obvious shame-
where was this thought
when I had it all?

A very long letter
with countless words,
limitless questions,
an exaggeration of misery
was posted to heaven,
expecting a reply
with patience and surprise.

I received a reply.
A note from God
with only two magical words.

Trust Me.

And I looked up at the sky
and held my head high.

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PhoebeMD Poetry Blog A Note from Above

Navnidhi Vyas is a clinical dietitian with a love for writing, photography, and poetry. Her blog, Create Health and Happiness, focuses on diet and wellness, along with a dose of inspiration that reflects her vision of a healthier and happier world.

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  1. Hey, great post!
    I have nominated you for a Real Neat Blogger Award. Do check my latest post for the details. Hope, we can discover new and more ✨

  2. Well penned – and I admit I got a chill when I read the response you received…..and I too believe we MUST trust and have faith……….it’s the only solid thing we can hang on to.


  3. this is a beautiful poetry. short crisp and upright in thought a sweet one. God is there always with us playing pranks.

    kind’y visit my blog site read my poetry stories etc.

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