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A Poem for a Daughter

By Rhonda Barnes | Featured Contributor

Author’s Note: This is a poem dedicated to my eldest daughter, Jamie. She is an inspiration to me. 

*      *      *

She was beautiful, perfect, the first to call me momma,
the one with sweet demeanor, the one without the drama,
left me in awe when she spoke her first words,
absolutely overwhelmed me when first steps occurred,

Kissed my tears away
when disappointment ruled the day,
I dressed her in pretty dresses and socks with ruffled trim,
brushed her long brown hair and taught her how to swim.

Around age five or six she played momma to baby sister,
feeding her a bottle and constantly would kiss her.
As the two others came along, she played as mother hen,
she helped me out in so many ways, yes, that, was then.

Her gentle nature and caring demeanor surely was her strength,
Every day each of her siblings, upon her they would depend,
As she grew in age and maturity,
her choices were made with surety.

Occasionally she’d get caught up in normal teenage pressures,
but she would find her own straight way and realize all of her own treasures.
By the outset of adulthood, she was very well equipped,
with faith, love, and intelligence to take a one year college trip.

She was always true to self even, with life’s twists and turns,
she’d teach, she’d watch, she’d learn and then yes, she’d yearn.
Her one true love, her childhood friend, would become her one and only,
the one she could always count on never to be lonely.

He took her hand in marriage in her own front yard,
she vowed to love and cherish him through the easy and the hard,
her heart reached out to others who needed love and care,
through her own profession and personally she had much love to spare,

to give to those that needed her, to be a stand in mom,
to those who needed her support and love, many, they would come.
Some children stayed for six to seven years, some stayed even longer,
all the while she loved them all, her household growing stronger.

She neither considered whether blood related or not,
it never really mattered whether teen or tot,
All who needed her steady nature, her daily attention and care,
they all had no idea just how much she had actually shared.

Her love would spill right over to those who were special indeed,
she’d devote her time and teaching to help others to succeed.
Now she’s in her 40’s, and even with her own challenges,
Family, belief, and daily toil she very adeptly balances.

No she’s not monetarily wealthy, nor has that been a consideration,
Her primary concern for others to help them avoid devastation,
to fill in as parent, to love them as her child,
to support them in every facet and also slowly riled.

It’s clear that God has touched her, has smiled upon her life,
it’s evident that she channels Jesus’ love to heal others’ strife.
Her road has not been easy, it’s been full of ruts and rocks,
but she’s putting one foot in front of the other, her saviors love never stops.

I’m sure she’ll continue on to do her very best,
to help those all around her, to accept every test.
I know, you see, because for years I taught her,
she’s my little baby, my little girl, my beautiful, my loving daughter.


Rhonda Barnes
Rhonda Barnes

A registered nurse consultant and mental health blogger helping patients and their families experience the best care possible.

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