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A Small Voice from Within [a poem]

By Steven Michael Krystal | Featured Contributor

I have a friend, so do you, 
We share laughs and smiles all day through, 
For all of my life, telling me what to do, 
A small voice from within, tried and true. 

When we are kids, fun and play, 
Days of bliss, all is okay, 
As we grow up, things don’t go our way, 
Life turns amiss, a steep price to pay. 

I’ve lived through this, confusion and fear
What can I do, my eye sheds a tear, 
Filled with dread, nothing seems clear, 
A small voice from within has gone silent – oh dear! 

Time was spent searching in vain,
That’s how it felt, no cure for the pain,
Be rid of the worry, from it there’s no gain,
A small voice from within is from where it came.

I was taught to re-think of the good in my life,
To live in the present, no imaginary strife,
Dispel the what-if, keep my thoughts light,
A small voice from within, things will be all right.

Now somewhat wiser and a bit older,
My heart filled with gratitude, a good head on my shoulders,
Lessons I’ve learned I can say with a smile,
A small voice from within, there all the while.

A global pandemic has now come our way,
A cure will come very soon one day,
“Have hope, we’ll get through this, do not dismay,”
said a small voice from within – it will all be okay.

About the Poet - Steven Michael Krystal
About the Poet – Steven Michael Krystal

Hi! My name is Steven Michael Krystal and I’m from Canada. I enjoy blogging on a variety of interests and am the author of the Minjy the Robot series of e-books. I’m a true believer that goodness prevails, and my values include having hope and faith and treating others with kindness and compassion; I try to incorporate these themes into the blogs and stories that I write.

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