Her Story

Smiles. Laughter. Tears. Groans. Hugs. Hope.
Poetry and Medicine.

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“So how does it really feel to be handed someone’s life…to fight for that life…only to lose the very thing you were aiming to save…?”

Over the last several years, I have often encountered these sorts of questions… questions regarding my days and nights living and working as a physician. I had initially created this blog in 2014 (originally called Musings of PuppyDoc) as a way to share my experiences through a medium that I felt could only begin to do this complex profession and all of its players some degree of justice. It was my way of capturing, assimilating, and articulating some of my feelings… the moments of joy, contentment, frustration, guilt, loss, and acceptance…that I have experienced since my introduction into the whirlwind realm that is the art of medicine and patient care. 

However, over time, this site has evolved to become less a simple portrait of the days spent as a caregiver, and more simply a reflection of all that lies beyond the white coat—the tears and chuckles, fears and hopes of life—in other words…a beating, human heart.

Through its evolution, Phoebe, MD now includes health-related articles to provide practical information on pertinent health topics in a way that I felt would benefit the readers of this blog…the least I could do for such a wonderful community. 

So with that said, welcome to Phoebe, MD! Thank you for visiting, and I do hope you enjoy your stay. 

With love,
Phoebe (aka ‘PuppyDoc’)

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The Life of Phoebe: A Quasi-Fairy Tale

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  1. i’m also an internist with a passion for writing. i’ve been extremely burnt out, and am taking some time to pursue a career as a writer. any tips you can send me (workshops, guidance, etc.) would be appreciated!

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    • It’s wonderful to meet you! I don’t know how good any of my advice would be, but one of the few things that worked for me was simply starting and keeping this blog…where I just immersed myself in the rewarding little moments that I’ve experienced. Somehow writing poetry always seemed to recalibrate me and my mindset.

      With that said, I think it’s simply wonderful you are taking time to write. I’m really glad you came by and I’m looking forward to reading your work! 🙂 Wishing you the best! 🙂

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  2. WOW! Dumbfound again! lol Here I have been racking my pea size brains to figure out how I was to get this message to the leaders, mainly, to the doctors and care takers of my acquaintance to no avail.

    My Teacher—my Father’s Spirit leads me all the way but! He lets me wonder for a bit before He intervenes. why? Because I am not a robot controlled by an unknown higher deity. Yes, I have given to my Father/Creator the full control of my being and my life. His loving control is not anything resembling what we understand about that word.

    His control is more like, ‘Come, let us reason together…’. Thus, when I find myself at my wits end with my attempts to figure the impossible? I come to reason things out with Him. Bingo! I hit the mark! Doctors & influential leaders arrived at my inbox leaving me, DUMBFOUND! FLABERGASTHED! Lol.

    I am honored with your following. Of course, I am following you! Hope for the best with our connection. 🙂

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      • lol. with your reading of several of my former posts you have jolt my failing memory! I get going one way. I hear, Come now this way! on i go wherever He leads me. All other projects? FORGOTTEN! Then, He reminds me of such. I say, ‘Hey! That’s good. Guess You know what You doing. Now what? Lo & behold! A new beginning on this 8th month of my presence in this Jordan. Can you believe it? What a life! wouldn’t change it for all the gold in China! 🙂 Much love, thiaB.

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