This Girl

A traveler. A hugger. A laugher.
Less a giggler.
A 5-foot-5 mound of poofy black hair. 

  An owner of a cat
  but really a dog person.

A dreamer at night
but a doctor by day.

  An admirer of knowledge
but still sort of the pessimist.
  A gazer of the stars.
A sucker for nostalgia.
A sniffle. A smile.
A girl.

 •      •      •

A few more tidbits…

Born in the Eastern Hemisphere. Raised in Texas.
Lovingly nicknamed “Puppy” by her peers.

Enjoys caring for people,
volunteering abroad, free jazz, good art,
and fuzzy animals.

•      •      •      •      •      •      •

The Life of Puppydoc: A Quasi-Fairy Tale

•      •      •      •      •      •      •

236 Comments on “This Girl

  1. Hi Doc,

    You just posted a comment on my blog and I had told you I would check out your blog. And, WOW you and your blog is TOTALLY AMAZING! I love your pictures and plus I love your cat. I have a cat too his name is Chester and he is grey with black stripes and I am really a dog person too. I can see you are one of the really good doctors and that you really care. Since, I have had many years of going to doctors, from experience I can spot the good ones. Thank you again, for following my blog keepinghopealive and now you have a new follower to your awesome blog. Thanks for being you.


    Alisha Drewery A.K.A. Poetangel 1

    Liked by 1 person

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