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All I Need

By Cara Amy Goldthorpe | Featured Contributor

It’s a misty dawn, the ocean and sky merging together as one in the distance, behind the ethereal golden glow of the rising sun. I’m in my hammock sipping coffee and flicking through an old journal I bought at the end of March last year, when I was settling in for “lockdown” in Costa Rica. Back then I thought I’d be flying to London in late April, when the borders were originally forecast to reopen.

Now, I’m still here and contemplating putting every penny I own into purchasing land. It’s just raw land: no structures on it. I’m not quite sure how I’ll make the purchase happen, let alone the project I envisage, and how I’ll have money for basic sustenance when I’m done. But I feel a pull, deep inside me. A voice is telling me that I have to make this happen.

So I’m summoning the courage to let go of everything I think I need: to take a complete leap of faith into the unknown.

And this poem, dated 30 April 2020, jumps out at me:

I don’t need no clothes
When I’ve the sun to warm my body
I don’t need no roof
When I’ve the shade of the swaying palms

And oh, if you won’t give me your love
I’ll get on by
With the waves to wash my body
And the breeze to kiss my skin

So here I’ll play
Here I’ll dance
A captive in eternal

Cara Amy Goldthorpe
Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Hola, I’m Cara. After 18 months practicing as a lawyer in London, I found myself locked down in the jungle of Costa Rica when borders closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Having recently suffered from a post-viral fatigue and burnout, I then took the opportunity to continue living out here, devoting my energy to health and deepening my connection to nature and to creative expression. Through sharing my stories and poetry, I hope to inspire you to live more healthily and in harmony with this beautiful earth.

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  1. While as a sophisticated adult, having moved around the USA for 25 years, I hear you and I appreciate your sentiment! Good for you to have found a peaceful, happy place to lay your bones down, A captive in eternal paradise!

    • Thank you so much for the good wishes! I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey of your travel around.. and that you find or are already in your own paradise 🦋 have a beautiful day!

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