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And It Is… [a poem]

By Shalini Mandhyan | Featured Contributor

What is this
That tests my hopes so…

What is this colour in the sky
That repels and is so loud…

What is the rush in the waves
That seems to devour every shore…

What is this…this roar
That silently lurks in every corner…

What is this garden
That doesn’t let the winds in…

What is this speech
That is scared of being mouthed…

If this is what the world is
What then is the release
What is the way out…

What is that door
Beyond the cacophony

What is that grass
Overly green, like Paradise

What is this shift
From boredom to ecstasy…

What is this world

That lives on in uncertainty.


Shalini Mandhyan
Shalini Mandhyan

I am an English Language Trainer and blogger at Sustain Thru Words. Poetry is a passion that keeps me grounded. I have authored the book, Messiah: A Woman’s Quest, which is a collection of short poems celebrating the sojourn of a woman.

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