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Anxiety & Me [a poem]

By Kathy Ha | Featured Contributor

Does it ever end?
I’m tired of the inner turmoil
I’m tired of being anxious
the rollercoaster ride of emotions
swirling and churning within
old scars reopen
past nightmares haunt
doubt invades, fear paralyses
silent screams that no one hears
I keep building my wall
uninviting, tall and proud
but the façade is brittle
weathered by the years
I’m lost in despair
unsure of who I am
uncertain of how to change
afraid of the road ahead

I am tired of being me.

Kathy Ha
Kathy Ha

Creative writer and storytelling enthusiast, sharing snippets of my journey through life and parenting. Aiming to inspire, empower and ignite laughter with every word that I write.

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    • I don’t normally write poetry and when I do, it’s usually from an emotional outpour of my state of mind. I can’t say I’ve tried third person much, just a story here and there. I’m afraid it doesn’t come as naturally to me.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your anxiety and how it makes you feel. I hope you’re able to find support for the stressors in your life. I know work stress was a major part of my anxiety at one point and I didn’t like who I became as a result, so I can understand what you mean.

  1. how beautifuly..and precisely you have described this feeling.
    i dont think anyone has done it , this apt.

    I could really see myself struggling with the same thing.

  2. It sounds very relatable and scary. However fear is only to fear if we build walls in ourselves against our own feelings of fear. Paradoxically. Facing the fear and what emotional state we are in, one tinny bit at a time, and then another and another will set us free. I believe…

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