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Bene [a poem]

By Barbara Leonhard | Featured Contributor

A note to encourage you

in these challenging times.

May you walk through the new year

with grace and ease.

May you have strength and resilience.

Be safe and healthy.

Be filled with joy and lifted up in love.

Be kind in the face of fear.

May you honor your true self

Despite the many voices

Blind to clear sight.

May you forgive others, but mainly

Forgive yourself.

May you be held in so much love and compassion

That your heart spills over

With light to mark our way

As we travel together

With the will and desire

To seek peace. To be peace.

To create a new Earth.

In memory of Thich Nhat Hanh
11 October 1926 – 22 January 2022

About the Poet - Barbara Leonhard
About the Poet – Barbara Leonhard

Barbara Leonhard’s work is published in Anti-Heroin Chic, Free Verse Revolution, October Hill Magazine, Vita Brevis, Silver Birch Press, Amethyst Review, PhoebeMD: Medicine & Poetry, among others. Barbara earned both third place and honorary mention for two poems in Well Versed 2021. Her memoir poem “Cooking a Life with a Wire Spine” was nominated for Publication of the Month on Spillwords in August 2021, and Barbara was voted Spillword’s Author of the Month in October 2021. You can keep up with her journey on her blog site, Extraordinary Sunshine Weaver.

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