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This time of year always reminds Puppydoc to be thankful for all those who have come into her life, past and present…to cherish the memories of those who have left and to treasure each moment with those who are here.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday week.


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  1. Hi Phoebe (Puppydoc) So True! During the forty five years I worked in The NHS. The thoughts of those who had passed were always there in my mind! Thank you for liking “Far Below!” Peace and Best Wishes. TheFoureyedPoet.

  2. Happy Holidays Phoebe….memories indeed can be cherished and fondly remembered with friends past and present and all are most certainly a treasure you can’t put a price on…stay safe and well. <3

  3. Yes, thank you for that lovely sentiment! It is a joy to have your support and encouragement and the time you do spend around my little world. I wish the very same, and more, for you!

  4. Samantha thanks for another year of lovely blogs and interesting poetry to say nothing of some delightful blogs.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours and I hope you have an Amazing New Year.


    The Cat

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