Tuna Fish & Blog Awards

Hi everyone! It’s me again…Samantha…yes…the cat!

But why am I flipped upside down all goofily, you might ask? Well, a couple of reasons:

  1. I found out today that some wonderful people have nominated this blog for some lovely things, and that makes me happy!
  2. I found out that my human trusts me enough to give me, such an ordinary kitty, the honor of writing the acceptance post for them, and that makes me even happier!
  3. I caught a 6-legged critter yesterday…and I played with it for a while (but please don’t tell my human I already broke my New Year’s promise…).

So without further delay, let me thank these nice humans first:

The Versatile Blogger Award: Thank you, CrumpledPaperCranes! We love how you cover everything from poetry to crafting. You are certainly deserving of the Versatile Blogger title, and we thank you for thinking of us!

Versatile blogger award

Premio Dardos Award: Thank you, Ruth Brodrick! We love how you are a medical student who takes time to write and blog; that makes you super cool in our book. Thank you for contributing to the world of medicine as well as the blogosphere!

Premio dardos award

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award: Thank you, Erica at Suburban Hobo! My human and I just adore your blog. Thank you for thinking of us!

very inspiring blogger award

And to help you get to know us better…

• 7 Random Fun Facts About PuppyDoc and SamanCat •

— I love Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. PuppyDoc likes them, but I go just nutty over them. I could stick my head in a bag and just fall asleep I get so happy!

— I came from the Humane Society. That’s where I met my human for the first time! On the other hand, PuppyDoc is not from the Humane Society.

— If I ride in a car, I must sit on my human’s lap, because I am really scared of Pet Taxis. We have accomplished several 12-hour road trips in this configuration.

— My human says I’m the gentlest kitty she has ever known, because I never hiss, bite, or scratch. My human often calls me a ‘gentle giant.’

— I secretly wish I were a doggie…sometimes I even think I am one!

— I had one litter of kittens before my human found me and gave me a new life. PuppyDoc has not had any litters.

— I love my human more than anything in the world! Even more than freshly opened canned tuna!

•      •      •

Now PuppyDoc and I would like to nominate…

 …For the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

The Adventures of Noodle
Fuzzy Pup Poetry
Beyond The Flow

…And for the Versatile Blogger Award:

Another Voice

•      •      •

I hope I did an okay job on this post. Thank you so much for reading! Again, I am humbled.


With love,
Samantha & PuppyDoc

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  1. Samantha: congratulations on your awards. I trust you will share them with Phoebe as she was I am sure a very big help in getting the keyboard retrofitted. I am behind-the-ears grinning.

  2. Wow! and than you for stopping by, liking, and following me on Dirt Nation. What a compliment from such a beloved blogger. Looking forward to future posts!

  3. Thank you so much for the award nomination. I’m very, very touched and grateful. Being inspiring means a lot to me because I really want to help other people get through adversity and encourage them to persevere and it’s so encouraging to have these efforts and that heart acknowledged. I found out a people who also has the same auto-immune disease as me was reading my blog while she was having chemo the other day and that meant the world to me. That I could be with her through that challenging time.
    Now, I’ll have to do my homework. \
    xx Rowena

  4. Wow! Thank you, Phoebe (Can I please call you Puppy like I usually do? it’s more fun because I’m really a puppy) and Samantha! I hope my Mom can figure this all out. I can’t wait to tell her when she gets home tonight!

    • Of course…call me Puppy! 😀 Thanks for being so cool, Noodle! Your mom should be super proud to have such a talented puppy. And btw…Samantha totally looks up to you. 🙂

  5. wow!

    to think i could be spotted in the shadow…

    I am so humbled and honored by your kind gesture.

    PoppyDoc, you are truly the inspiring blogger.

    Thanks for nominating me.

    we do accept and hope to respond as soon as we can.


  6. Yay! To be thought of as versatile by the likes of such a gentle and kind soul and her awesome human is such an honour. I accept your benevolence graciously. As for my acceptance speech it may take a while, I hope you don’t mind. You are both very cute 🙂

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