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Born a Miracle: The Story of a Man

By Kevin Ishimwe | Featured Contributor

1994 was the year…
All odds stacked against me,
mother in agony

my future seemed so uncertain
she wondered if I will ever live
to tell my story.

Determined to pacify the fear
hovering my beloved country,

She found delight in the Most High
to get her through her darkest moments
clinging on to faith,
she followed the path set before her

to bring me into this world
by any means necessary.
Her dream realized, she called me
Miracle of the Most High.

So now I’m living my life
like I’m on the clock

Making the most
of every moment

Grateful for the purpose
laid out before me

Rising to every knock,
before my clock runs out

Like I’m on my last go around

Just to let her know that her birth pains were worth it.

Author’s Note: These past years, I have become a firm believer in the power of love and unity. Given how volatile our current society is, I feel like the real revolution should start within us and then radiate our stories around the world. Hence began my quest in becoming the best version of myself. I know it will take time and serious commitment, but I now understand it is imminent for my foreseeable future.

Author Bio

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Kevin is an aspiring nursing student and a blogger at Levitate and Radiate. Born and raised in Rwanda—a small country with beautiful scenic views and numerous hills located in the eastern region of Africa—he moved to the US at the age of 13, where he did most of his studies. He is currently pursuing a BSN in nursing, and he hopes to eventually travel around the world to share his experiences while helping others.

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