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We Love Lucy 💙

This week, we acquired a new member of the family. Meet Lucy!


Like George, Lucy is a rescue. So naturally, the two immediately became best of friends…


As for Samantha, she also loves Lucy…but just kinda from a distance…


Wishing everyone an amazing week!


Phoebe, Samantha, George, and Lucy 💙

Be Empowered, Today.


Dear friends,

If you have been following this blog, you may recall that I have a new book out focused on the self-management of chronic conditions titled Being Empowered for a Healthy Heart.

While the book is sold on Amazon, I wanted to ensure that the book would be available at a more accessible price for those within this WordPress community that I value so much.

Therefore, for anybody who may be interested in obtaining a copy for themselves or for a loved one living with chronic conditions, I am making Being Empowered available directly through this blog for $8 USD (plus $2 shipping).

If you would like to obtain one at this price, please use the link below (links on other pages will yield a different price):


Wishing you all good health this holiday season,

– Phoebe

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