Category: Poetry


Standing before the haze
beckoned by the lull
of a path familiar
an alkaline warmth
of regrets relinquished
of a naivete stripped-
of moments dimmed
to budding flames
and conquered fears.
Swathed by memories,
to familiar grounds
she longs to return…


like a vessel of alabaster
rended for its salve
she is an ointment poured forth
upon bleeding souls and wounded flesh
a river of compassion
forged with an oath, fueled by a vision-
these hands of clay
guided by light, skillfully molded
with a wisdom paid with a price…


by the hush
of a wayward tear
emerged from flames
that once scalded her eyes
is an innocence lost
a wistfulness retained
a longing diffused
within the brine
of memories…


Curtains raised upon this stage
lifted shadows, one new day.
Encores played, familiar piece
kindred players, different key.
Life’s gavotte a gleeful tune
every third beat ends all too soon…


within the confines
of her tendrils
Cocooned by the veins
of trepidation
the constraint
of knowledge
of an image of that which
she was meant to be…


Like a dove in the cleft of rocks
tranquilly enveloped
suffocated with a slumber
assuaged by silence
beneath the breath
of crescent glow.
Catch her. Save her. Treasure her,
you whom her soul desires
and let her be freed.


Immortalized within counterfeit fibers of a
petrified forest are your sorrows, weighed with silt,
swallowed by shadows of its own valley,
silenced beneath the porcelain surface of a visage pristine.

Banish them. Let your tears cathartic burn these cheeks of mine.
Scour them with scars of an ancient past, of an ache relived.
Let me bear the dusk until from the womb,
emerged pure as the morning dew, is our love renewed.

The Waning (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

You already knew. Gaze unflinching, you told us to say the words.
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. A. L. S.
Despite sparse questions, your eyes revealed an understanding
far deeper than our answers-
that with one moment, robbed were you of the years ahead,
of memories awaiting, of stories belonging to you. Now lost.

Strength dissolving, your conviction remains unscathed.
You savor each passing sunrise. Each caress, each step. For you know…

A Letter to Grandma.

Fragments of moons past
sketch silhouettes of a scenery divine.
A daytime reverie. Fond memory.
A granddaughter missing you.

Do you recall, grandma?
Long ago, a grandbaby born into an era of bitter lack,
that enriched by your presence, comforting embrace,
renewed to an age of precious worth?…


His heart unveiled before me,
descended from fields above,
let him free me with eternal songs
and constrain me with his love.

Lilacs amidst the autumn green,
like lilies among the thorns,
let him hold me up in blossom tides
in whose haven I am reborn…

A Search Within.

The search for strength…


Frosted stars proclaimed by breeze,
a dance of farewell before their queen.
Revealed by moon’s glow in misted eyes,
a wish reflected. A longing…seeking…to be found.

Thread of secrets, thrum of time,
silvered braids upon wounded soul.
A queen before her horizon heeds the echoed
promise of a rising sun. She smiles.