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Sneaky Samantha Sunday.


Is it just us…or do you also get the funny feeling that Samantha and I are being watched…


So we’ll go ahead and wish everyone out there…whoever you are…wherever you are…a lovely, cuddly end to the month!

Serene Samantha Sunday.


A very relaxed Samantha and Puppydoc would like to wish you all a pleasantly sunny day full of warm blessings and widened smiles.

Will Samantha be my Valentine?


This year, Puppydoc asked Samantha to be her Valentine.

After some deliberation…she said “yes.”

They then sealed the deal with an affectionate head bump…

Therefore, they would like to wish you all a cuddly fuzzy head bump as well…
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Giggly Samantha Sunday.


Because sometimes…one just has to LOL when asked, “So…are you planning on doing anything special for Valentine’s Day?”

Happy Valentine’s Week, everyone!

Pouty Samantha Sunday.


Even though Samantha obviously didn’t feel like it, we [both] would still like to wish you all a happily peppy February day.

Silly Samantha Sunday.


Wishing you all a wonderfully warm and cozy Sunday…wherever you may be.

With love,
A sleepy Puppydoc and her equally dazed Samantha

Silly Samantha Sunday.


Because…maybe we can just stay in bed today…?

Wishing everyone a wonderfully…lazy…productive Sunday!

Silly Samantha Sunday.


Ok. So this may not be the most flattering moment ever captured. But when one is trying to determine who has the more impressive roar, aesthetics cannot be a concern. Wishing everyone a happily yappy Sunday! 😄

Silly Samantha 2017!


Come join Samantha and Puppydoc as they take a flying leap into the New Year.

Sending a big serving of cuddly love and fuzzy hugs to you all.
Happy New Year!

A Big Hug to You!


Sending each one of you a warm hug
full of fluffy holiday cheer.

May your weekend be filled with
joyful days and cozy nights.
With love,
Samantha & Puppydoc

Silly Samantha Sunday.


Is it just me, or is the resemblance starting to become a tad uncanny?

Wishing everyone a warm and cuddly weekend!

The Twins

Silly Samantha Sunday.


Here we have Samantha and Puppydoc snapping a selfie in their blogging cocoon. They would simply like to wish you all a warm and cuddly end of the week.  ☺️