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Chronic Pain [a poem]

By Dr. Yagya Prasad Timalsina | Featured Contributor

Minutes, hours, days and months
Months slipped into years.
The sensation, that unpleasant sensation
Medical term: Chronic Pain

Slowly, the dull-aching agony progresses.
From one part of the body to the next,
Shifts the gear of misery
Into the horrible agonizing burning pain.
The Pain Scale: Ten Out Of Ten

You lay still.
Wishing for the torture to pass by.
Minutes pass into hours,
But the devil persists.
Rub it with the ice, the heat never goes.
Instead, the cold begins to hurt ever more.

The cold.
It feels as if the nerves are frozen.
Yet, no amount of heat capable of melting the ice.
The summer burns and the winter freezes.
They say, “Dying nerves are crying”
Is it only the dying nerves that cry?
This physical pain makes you cry too,
And makes you die too, every single day.

You try hard to fall asleep, finally doze off.
Just to be awakened soon.
With the feeling to chop off that part which hurts the most.
You feel pity for yourself.

Stare at the white ceilings above,
And a dark life below.

You try a lot to smile,
But the pain keeps it at bay.
Your mental strength overcame by physical pain,
Yet you fight hard to win it back.
A little negative energy, sometimes, asks to end it all;
Right then, courage surges up.
A rim of hope shines.
One day, it shall all be fine.

Many might have suffered more than you do.
Yet, this is the worst pain you have gone through.
Some more days, let the steroid work through,
And let the nerve pacifiers soothe you.
Your battle shall end someday.

Kill the depression, heal the pain.
Fight for the life, yet again.

Life, a speck of dust

You, a fighter of chronic neuropathic pain.

Author Bio

Poem Chronic Pain

Dr. Yagya Prasad Timalsina is a 28-year-old physician and writer from Nepal. He has worked in the Emergency Department of Dhulikhel Hospital as well as the Medical Education Department at Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital. As a blogger, Dr. Timalsina shares stories that are both “real and from the virtual world.”

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