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drifts beneath 
the shoal as river’s 
waltz caress my 

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  1. the rivers waltz to rapids
    slowed by rocks they roll
    your teardrops dancing
    guided by the slow tempo
    conveying heartfelt sorrow
    as they gentle sway away
    defused supporting new life

    gone the tears the sorrow
    your self esteem restored
    may happiness be with you
    now and till you are no more
    your ever caring presence
    your caring hands that tend
    may peace goodwill love
    be truly your best friends

    With good intent, take care,


  2. Dear Dr. Phoebe,

    Pure genius. In a few words, you created such a unique feeling, a perspective of sorrow and hope and the same moment, in a few words.

    I like how you shaped the words of your poem into a diamond. So very clever.

    My mom is very ill right now. Respectfully, I have gone the roller coaster of dealing with snobby doctors, money hungry hospital administrators, nurses who come into the hospital room and barely say hello. Maybe it’s my imagination, but the healing arts society is not as “Dr. Welby” as I remember when I was a kid.

    You, and you alone, have brought to me a new hope in the direction of the healing arts community. For, as I know that you are very smart, you also have a caring heart. Please, never lose that endearing combination.

    I know that we live in this high-tech society now. But sometimes the high-tech folks need to bring it down a notch, and rediscover the power of caring of the human heart. You are a leader in this new movement of heart-felt caring in physicians.


    • Richard,

      I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I’m even more sorry to hear of the kind of experience you have been having with the heath care system. I trust and hope that your mother receives the kind of care she deserves, that you will stay strong, and that everything will end up going smoothly. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. And like always, thank you for your very kind sentiments.

      Take care,

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