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I am flawed. Those who have read some of my earlier scribbles have seen the somewhat self-critical lens through which I view myself. Despite this, a new year is just upon us, which, like every new day, offers a chance for us to adjust whatever it is we feel we need to adjust…whether it is our daily habits or our perspective on life.

Therefore, Puppydoc would like to share with you a few things about herself by presenting her three big goals for the New Year:

♥ To LIVE more.

Prioritizing her professional and academic endeavors over the past decade has somewhat come at a price for Puppydoc, who feels that she has missed out on life in general as well as many of the people in it. Therefore, she would like to do things differently this year by more fully treasuring what she already has…her dear family and friends…and by putting them first.

To LAUGH more.

Medicine, while it has given her many precious memories, has formed in her a sort of a somber outlook on life, where all she sees is suffering around her. Coupled with an impression that she is rather powerless to really make a difference, she ends up bearing a lingering guilt for not being able to do more for others. For this, Puppydoc will take a dose of what has traditionally been considered the best medicine–laughter–and just try to loosen up a bit.

 To LOVE more.

For most of her life, Puppydoc has guarded her heart closely, almost afraid to feel…experience…embrace that nebulous realm called love. Fearing vulnerability, she has attached herself to the position of caregiver in both her professional and personal life, always caring for others while within remained a daydreaming girl aching to be cared for. But now is the time for her to start taking down the walls surrounding her. And who knows what may happen…


Thank you, dear Liz, for prompting me to think about my goals and to write this post. You are an inspiration to all!

Wishing everyone a lovely week and a wonderful start to the New Year.


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  1. methinks, more for oneself, would be
    a perfect prescription, less about humanity, you’ve probably spent 2/3 of your life in medicine and they just keep coming… There is no end to the line-up of needing some piece of you? In the end there be nothing left for yourself!

    Do you believe in psychic abilities, then e-mail me @ until i answer, mail i believe get censored..

    You live on the other side of the world right, let’s experiment..

  2. Others have said it better than I, so I’ll just say, ‘Good for you, you’ve earned it, now to just implement your self-loving and self-regard. Would be delighted to read of your newfound fulfillment, with convivial best wishes. Carry on.’

  3. I agree with many of the sentiments mentioned here; actually, I can’t fault you. These are some great goals for the new year. I genuinely wish you the happiest of New Years and hope this next one will be filled with joy and happiness for both you and Samantha. ☺️

  4. What? My Puppydoc is flawed? How could I have been so wrong all this time? I suppose I was so absorbed within all the “beautiful” that surrounds you in your posts, your photos, your poetry… that I must have been somewhat blinded by the brightness of the light that emanates so radiantly from all that you share with us. It could only be that you are so concerned for others that you cannot see the ‘beautiful’ in your own reflection. But we do!

    You have brightened so many of my days with your posts… your poetry… your photos… and the caring in your comments. You and Samantha have brought more smiles to my face than you can imagine. Your poetry touches my heart… your photos stir the compassion in my soul.

    It is so very obvious to all of us here that you have most definitely made a difference in the world, in both your profession and here with us. Guilt must not be an option… as you already know what guilt can do to the mind, soul and health of the individual.

    Your flaws are few… except that very special one of finding the time and ways to do some things for yourself that bring happiness into your life. We don’t want perfection… perfection is very boring… we want a few flaws… those are what makes us all special.

    A guarded heart… only means that it has been waiting for the right moment… perhaps that moment is now….. And yes… who knows what may happen.

    Thank you for sharing all that you do with us Phoebe… Wishing you, Samantha and your family many beautiful moments throughout the coming year…


    • Oh Michael…you are so sweet. Your kind and encouraging words mean so much to me. Thank you. I’m so glad that you are you….and that you are here. Let us both go on to the make most out of each day in 2017! Big hugs. 💙

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