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A Conversation with My Higher Self [a poem]

By Cara Amy Goldthorpe | Featured Contributor

I would always be there,
waiting in the heavens above;
watching over your
tender, child’s body
whispering in your ear
and reminding you
that you are loved,
you are held
by the Universe itself
by a force so deep
and strong
you cannot even
begin to comprehend.

And when you’re sick
and suffering,
when the night is thick
and the rains be tumbling;
I am there to nurse you
to show you the path
to guide you through
to the light;
awaken your soul
to its true potential
emerging from this
wild initiation.

Cara Amy Goldthorpe
Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Hola, I’m Cara. After 18 months practicing as a lawyer in London, I found myself locked down in the jungle of Costa Rica when borders closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Having recently suffered from a post-viral fatigue and burnout, I then took the opportunity to continue living out here, devoting my energy to health and deepening my connection to nature and to creative expression. Through sharing my stories and poetry, I hope to inspire you to live more healthily and in harmony with this beautiful earth.

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