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Dear COVID-19 [a poem]

By Anabel Geneta-Raymundo | Featured Contributor

In the midst of nowhere you arose,
Like a thief in the soundless night.
Unlocked entrances are now closed.
The world is enveloped with fright.

Your poison lingers everywhere.
Waiting for a susceptible target.
Both old and young hide in scare.
No one can escape your threat.

So children stay in their houses.
Instead of drifting under the sky,
They switched to online cruises.
How they wish they could fly!

Assertive smiles and joyful faces,
Instantly vanished when you came.
The usual busy and noisy places
Are also suppressed by your game.

As your venom extensively spread,
You infect millions around the planet.
Creating and bringing us more dread,
Thru the ghastly sound of your trumpet

Summer turned cold and hostile,
As the cases continue to increase.
Deaths have captured the fragile,
While many ache from the disease.

Some have lost their lives.
Others have missed their chance.
But remember, the hopeful survives.
We will beat you even in a trance.

The end of the fight may not be in sight.
But as long as we keep our faith and trust,
We will win the battle against this plight.
COVID, enjoy your days before you turn to dust!

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo
Anabel Geneta-Raymundo

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo is a poet, educator, and blogger at Lebana’s Journey, from Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. She hopes to spread love and light to everyone through her humble writings.

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