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Do You Know You Are Wonderful?

Lately, I’ve been telling an old friend of mine how wonderful the WordPress community is (at least the little snippet of it that I know). I’m always amazed at how a community of people who have never met, and are so different, can be so kind and supportive of one another. Because of that, I really wanted her to ‘meet’ you guys, since she very recently started blogging and wants to connect with others. Aside from giving her blogging tips, I specifically wanted to connect her with those of you that I already know, because, simply put, you guys really warm my heart (and secretly, I feel that you all are the coolest bloggers on wordpress!) So that is the purpose of this post. 

So who is this friend?

Her name is Jessica, and I’ve known her since college (more than a decade ago), as we went to the same university and were part of the same Christian fellowship group. She is a nursing student and recently started a blog with a very clear purpose in mind: she wanted to open up and share about mental illness; specifically, to talk about it openly and to counter the unwarranted stigmatization that sometimes accompanies it.

Her blog is called Nursing a Wounded Soul

One major component of her blog is her personal experience in supporting her brother who struggled with and fought against for many years his bipolar and addiction. The most recent posts on her blog have consisted of her brother’s writings–where he has been sharing his story. And it’s a beautiful story about losing everything and then rediscovering even more. 

If any of this resonates with you, please…let Jessica know! She’s itching to get to know you! And as my description of her blog nowhere does it justice, here are some links:

♥ Her About page where she explains the significance of her blog name. I love this. 

♥ The most recent post by her brother, titled “Bottoming Out.” Incredibly poignant.

♥ And a post by her friend, Morgan, sharing about her experience with depression. For me, this really struck a chord.  

Thank you…for just being the awesome person that you are. 

With love, 


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