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Freedom To Care [a poem]

By Cliff Eshom | Featured Contributor

Can blessings of life truly be free?
Sunshine, flowers, the shade of a tree.
Finding true love, is one of the keys.
Listening to ads, they’re only a tease,
tempting your flesh falsely to please
a portrait of life, seek only of ease.

Joy can begin, learning to care,
lessor of things like clothing to wear,
nor of concerns for soon thinning hair.
Overt self love just leads to despair,
kindly forgiveness, is golden and rare.

Filling your cup, now with real joy,
godly good works will need to employ
Memories of pain its time to destroy.
Myths and desires, rejection of toys.
Wisdom and truth, soon you’ll enjoy.

Cliff Eshom
Cliff Eshom

Youthful RCN sailor. Now retired, jack of several trades, master of a few, with first year UBC extension courses. Professional Appraiser-Realtor-Agent. Private pilot and one-time airplane owner. Blogger at New2View.

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