Silly Samantha Sundays

Gentle George Sunday.

Phoebe Chi and dog

Although we were unable to successfully get a triple selfie this week, the three of us (Samantha, George, and I) would still like to wish you a wonderfully lovely week. 

As a side note, George has been adjusting beautifully from his wandering homeless doggy life to being flooded with love and attention in his new forever home. 



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  1. Hi, Phoebe. Thanks for the like on my post! I really like the idea of bringing writing and health together it really helps to add credence to your work. Plus there are dogs whats not to like, haha.

  2. George is seriously exquisite, sooo handsome with an incredible smile! (His Mama is beautiful too!) If that gorgeous pillow is George’s….he is napping like a King (as well he should!) How blessed you both are to have found each other, but he is particularly blessed to have YOU! xoxo

  3. You get a Gold Medal Phoebe, from George. He looks so good sitting next to you (even if you are stopping him from stepping forward and investigating the camera). 🙂

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